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Executive leadership determines the level of market disruption. Two Men and a Truck CEO, Jeff Wesley shares his insights and stories about how he and his team grow their business at 17X the transportation industry average by continuously disrupting how their business operates.

Jeff Wesley

Jeff Wesley

CEO, Two Men and a Truck

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Disruptive Leadership: How Two Men and a Truck Grow at 17X the Industry Rate

Jeff Wesley

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Jeff Wesley, who is the CEO of Two Men and a Truck. You’ve probably seen their trucks on the road, that hand written drawing that shows two guys and a truck. He runs a franchise moving company headquartered out of Lansing, Michigan with franchises in 41 US states as well as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Ireland. We’re going to talk today with Jeff about how he, and his team, and his franchisees have been disrupting the transportation world.

Welcome Jeff.

Jeff Wesley: Well, thanks Mark. It’s great to be with you today and I hope I can share some of the background on Two Men and a Truck and some of the cool things we’re doing to disrupt our industry.

Mark S A Smith: We’re gonna share some of those ideas with the listeners so they can take that to their business and make it as wildly successful as yours. I have primarily had other entrepreneurial authors and thought leaders on the show and you’re the first time that I’ve reached out to a larger organization to be a guest, so I’m really excited for you to share your wisdom with my listeners.

Jeff Wesley: That’s great.

Mark S A Smith: The thing that triggered my interest was the fact that Two Men and a Truck is really grown from nothing to 410 franchises, now you’re doing long haul, which is really challenging the transportation industry.

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