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Teach customers how to sell and support your products so they make money and you dominate your market. Mitch Russo discusses how you can recruit and certify an army of salespeople and support staff from your customers to disrupt the market. Learn about this powerful business model before your competitor does.

Mitch Russo

Mitch Russo

CEO, My Power Tribe

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Disrupt Your Market with an Army of Salespeople Who Willingly Pay You to Sell Your Product

Mitch Russo

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Mitch Russo. I met Mitch the old-fashioned way, on LinkedIn, where we had a lot of friends in common.

Mitch Russo: Exactly.

Mark S A Smith: Mitch helps companies put together massive sales forces that are self-sustaining, self-directing, and scalable like you won’t believe, by helping companies create certified customers that resell your product. It’s fantastic. Mitch, in the past, has been CEO and president of Business Breakthroughs, which was an organization with Tony Robbins and master sales trainer Chet Holmes. Amongst many other things, he founded Time Slips, which was building software for lawyers and accountants and other service providers. So, he has lots and lots of insight on how to create a sustainable business. Welcome, Mitch.

Mitch Russo: Hey Mark, so great to be with you today. I so enjoyed meeting you in our last conversation, I was really excited about this interview today.

Mark S A Smith: Thank you, likewise. I also want to mention that you have a best-selling book on Amazon, The Invisible Organization, that blueprints the entire process of going virtual and the benefits of having a virtual company. Let’s talk about how to create massive sales forces.

Mitch Russo: I love that topic. It was very straight forward and very simple. 25, 30 years ago I had a software company and I built it to over 100 employees and I sold it. But before I sold it, I had a problem and that problem was about two and a half years prior to that. It turns out that my sales had plateaued, my support burden was increasing, and I was struggling in paying more now for every new client than I was before.

Mark S A Smith: Mitch, we have listeners right now that are shaking their head going, “Yep, yep, that’s me.”

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