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Can you really sell with Twitter? Yes! And Mike Kawula tells you how. You’ll discover how to use Twitter right by being choosy about who you follow, how to engage with them in a meaningful way, and how to build your business brand with Twitter. You’ll learn how Twitter helps you sell at a moment when your buyers are not resistant to your message. And learn about new Twitter capabilities that are disruptive game changers.

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How Twitter Disrupts Sales: Finding Customers with a Targeted Twitter Strategy

Mike Kawula

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Mike Kawula. He is with Social Quant which is a Twitter marketing service declared by Huffington Post, HubSpot, Lifehack, and Forbes top 10. You must have this tool if you’re going to use social media to grow your business. So far, he’s helped over 13 million people connect via Twitter, analyzed over a billion tweets because the way he makes this work is by using big data analysis to figure out who to talk with, who to connect with, so you have real meaningful conversations that are going to grow your business. Welcome, Mike.

Mike Kawula: It is great to be on the show. Thanks for having me.

Mark S A Smith: It’s a delight. Thank you, sir. How did you decide to disrupt the Twitter connection market by adding big data? How did you get that connection going?

Mike Kawula: Twitter has been a big part of every business I’ve ever had. Dating back to the mid-2000’s when Twitter was just rolling out, I had a local cleaning company in South Jersey where I had 50 employees. We’re doing seven figures plus. We jumped on Twitter and started actively listening to folks in a geo-targeted area who were discussing on the weekend that they hated cleaning their house or what have you. I saw it as an opportunity, and that was funny because we just started connecting and sharing content locally that people would enjoy about high school football games and what have you. In the beginning, I used to do the estimates. When I was at a customer’s home, said they call, “I follow you on Twitter. I follow you on Twitter.” I kept on hearing that like, “Holy crap. This is working.” The lifetime value of a customer back then was $3,200 for me for an annual basis. I said, “You know, this is worth it.”

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