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Selling Disruption with Crowdfunding Launches

How can you disrupt your market by using crowdfunding, such as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, to launch a new product or extend your product line? Crowdfunding marketing expert Eli Regalado tells you exactly how in this show. You’ll learn what you must do first, what doesn’t do well with crowdfunding, and the steps you can take to have a 90% probability of a successful product launch.

Eli Regalado

Eli Regalado

Launch and Crowdfunding Expert

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Selling Disruption with Crowdfunding Launches

Eli Regalado

Mark S A Smith: I first met Eli Regalado via the Internet when I was doing research to do a crowd funding project for one of my clients. He taught me a hell of a lot about how to make this thing work. Unfortunately, ours didn’t fund because I set my goal too high. I know that if I had used Eli directly, it would have been a different story.

One of the best ways to bring a disruptive product to market is through crowd funding, and the reason why is not only do you raise money to sell it and accumulate lots of new customers, but you let the world know how this is an important product and how it disrupts the market.

Thank you, Eli, for being part of the show.

Eli Regalado: Thanks for having me.

Mark S A Smith: I want to do just one more set-up here and that is, Eli’s raised more than a million dollars in crowd funding, including $183,000 for Adam’s Express. He knows what the hell he’s doing. Eli, what is the secret to bringing a disruptive product to market via crowd funding?

Eli Regalado: The big secret is your pre-launch. Everyone always has these products that they want to put on crowd-funding portal and take live, right? A lot of times, I compare crowd funding to the early days of the Internet and, actually I’m friends with one of the fore founders, guy by the name of Dr. Larry Roberts, who pioneered the ARPANET, which became the Internet.

Mark S A Smith: Oh, yeah.

Eli Regalado: In the early days, the dot com days, you’d have people that were just going out and starting Internet companies thinking that people were just going to run into these things and find them, right?

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