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Disrupt Your Market with Smart Human Resources (HR) Strategies

Mar 20, 2017

Disrupting your market demands a team of people who can disrupt. Is your HR team up to the task? In this powerful interview, cutting-edge HR guru, Stephanie R. Johnson shares her insights on how to use human resources to generate your sustainable and scalable competitive advantage. You’ll discover how to disrupt HR for a better, more profitable company, aligning with your sales and marketing goals, and some key insights about how to motivate your younger team members to be all in.

Stephanie R. Johnson

Stephanie R. Johnson

President, The Experience Element


Instagram: theexperienceelement

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Disrupt Your Market with Smart Human Resources (HR) Strategies

Stephanie R. Johnson

Mark S A Smith: Today’s guest on the Selling Disruption Show is Stephanie Johnson. She is a guru in getting the right people in your organization to help you disrupt your market. What if the experience you had with human resources was 100% solution focused and in alignment with your disruptive vision? What if your HR team went beyond a compliance only approach and actually drove growth and revenue? That’s where Stephanie is a guru. She helps companies figure out how to get the right people in the right place so they can disrupt the market in sales and marketing, customer support, and everywhere else you need to have those people with the disruptive mindset. Welcome, Stephanie, to the Selling Disruption Show.

Stephanie R. Johnson: Thank you so much for having me.

Mark S A Smith: Well, I’m delighted for you to be here. I’ve known Stephanie for a very long time. It’s one of the reasons why I’m really looking forward to this conversation. How did you decide to get into this business of helping companies become disruptive through smart HR practices?

Stephanie R. Johnson: No matter what your company’s product or service is, unless you’re 100% in robotics, your people are your greatest asset. Getting the right people in the right position, doing things that they are naturally suited for, and managing them well creates massive momentum.

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