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Why Your Business Culture Determines if You’re Disruptive or Not

Jan 16, 2017

If you’re going to thrive in today’s market, you’ve got to disrupt.  And the underlying success element is the culture of your organization. Chris Edmonds has found that you can drive up profits up by 30 percent or more through creating a culture that’s capable of disruption.

Chris is a business growth coach who has helped clients boost results and profits by 35%, employee engagement by 40%, and customer service by 40% – all in 18-24 months. The author of seven books, including Amazon best sellers The Culture Engine and Leading at a Higher Level, a blogger, podcaster, and video caster at and, And he’s a performing musician with Denver’s Brian Raine band,

S. Chris Edmonds

S. Chris Edmonds

Creates purposeful, positive, productive work cultures

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Why Your Business Culture Determines if You’re Disruptive or Not

Mark S A Smith: S. Chris Edmonds! I met for the very first time on Twitter!

Chris Edmonds: It was a social media-driven relationship way, way, way back then but then we did the face-to-face thing because we have a mutual love of music and guitar.

Mark S A Smith: That’s exactly right. Chris is an extraordinary human being that focuses on making people and organizations so much better. He spent years, I’d say decades working with the Ken Blanchard organization helping people do what Ken, the master of the One Minute Manager and many, many other things, did best.

When I met him, he was doing tweets about leadership. Of course, he was tweeting about his band. We connected, did the face-to-face thing. I got to play some of your guitars and some of your vintage amplifiers and had to buy some guitars and have some on my wish list, thanks to you very much.

Chris Edmonds: It’s a B-bender fetish, folks.

Mark S A Smith: It is.

Chris Edmonds: That’ll be another episode.

Mark S A Smith: A completely different episode on the B-bender. Chris has authored seven books including Amazon best sellers, The Culture Engine, and Leading at the Higher Level Today. I want to talk with Chris about using culture to create a Disruptive Selling Organization. So good to have you on the show, Chris.

Chris Edmonds: Mark, so excited. You and I don’t get to see each other as much anymore since you’ve moved to the beautiful warmth of Las Vegas. I’m still up at 8400 feet in Colorado. I miss you, man.

Mark S A Smith: Thank you. I wave at you as you fly over on your way to doing your gigs.

Chris Edmonds: There’s a lot of that.

Mark S A Smith: That’s for sure.

Chris Edmonds: That’s true.

Mark S A Smith: Tell me, how have you helped your customers disrupt their market by helping them work with their culture based on the work of your, The Culture Engine book, which I’m holding in my hand right now, published by Wiley. That’s impressive.

Chris Edmonds: I know, I know. Very exciting. That was very cool. What’s very interesting with leaders is they have learned over their years to focus on stuff, stuff being production, being sales, being widgets, being market share, being branding. When they begin to evolve, and sometimes they evolve because of a challenge, because of bad behavior, because of customers fleeing for whatever reason, sometimes it’s their own clarity. The fog lifts and it’s like we have a culture that is much more individually focused, rather brutal, the I-win-you-lose kind of a dynamic is very, very common.

Mark S A Smith: Very common.

Chris Edmonds: Yes, you can get short-term gains for a period of time that you focus upon that, but if you really want people to have their hearts in the business, if you want your salespeople, if you want your employees to feel trusted, honored, respected, then you got to start to look at how are people treated internally.

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