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Executive Strategy Summit

In our market research, business consulting, and executive coaching work, we’ve learned that in small and mid-size businesses, most top execs have limited strategic skills. While they’ve been extraordinarily successful with their past work, they’ve never acquired the required strategic skills and holistic view of the business, so become secretly overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do. The micromanaging and firefighting gobbles up their time killing profitability and scalability, limiting the company’s potential and performance. How much time, money, and energy gets needlessly wasted?

This event delivers a perfect blend of insights, tools, and workshopping so you get what you need to be a confident, enthusiastic, efficient, and effective executive leader.

Key outcomes:

  • Develop your executive skill stack — what it is, how it’s radically different from a managerial skill stack, and how to intentionally develop it
  • A deep understanding of the Seven Business Pillars™: Product, Marketing, Sales, Service, Infrastructure, Finance, and Culture, which give you a holistic view of your business to understand the impact of strategy decisions across pillars
  • Master critical executive business concepts that apply to B2B and B2C, for goods and services, for commercial, non-profit, and governmental operations
  • Develop your own Monday-ready phased plan to improve results and grow your company
What makes this executive event different is the holistic view of business, not just sales or marketing or leadership, but everything required to operate a sustainable, scalable, profitable, and salable business.

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