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Your mindset determines if you’ll disrupt or be disrupted. Mindset expert, Marilyn Sherman shares powerful insights from her latest book, Is There a Hole in Your Bucket List?

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The Disruptive Mindset

Marilyn Sherman

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Marilyn Sherman who for the past 26 years has helped people create a disruptive mindset. She has helped people create their no more excuses approach to life. She is the principal of UpFront Presentations which helps people figure out how to live on the front row of their life. Her newest books is Is There A Hole In Your Bucket List?: How To Overcome Obstacles That Keep You From Achieving Your Goals. Welcome, Marilyn Sherman.

Marilyn Sherman: Thanks Mark, it’s great to be here.

Mark S A Smith: I can’t wait to have this conversation. This is the first mindset conversation that we’ve had on the show in a very long time. Let’s start off with why did you choose no more excuses mindset as your area of expertise?

Marilyn Sherman: I’ve been studying professional development and success for the last 25, 26 years and I’ve noticed that no matter what industry you are in, whether it’s hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, direct sales, it doesn’t matter, it all begins with mindset. Out of everything that’s out of your control, the economy, your competition, the weather, whatever is out of your control, the one thing 100% that you have control over is your mindset. All successful people recognize that everything starts with your mindset.

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