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The bad guys want your assets, for many nefarious reasons, and the odds are good that if you’re approaching security the way that most companies are, they’re going to get them. You might be thinking, “Not me!” Yet the gap between a breech and when it’s detected is typically hundreds of days and sometimes years. Yet, the bad guys may be the least of your concern when it comes to asset protection. With forthcoming technologies, changes in business models, and cultural shifts driven by Millennials, new gaps and threats appear daily. In this enlightening, entertaining, and pragmatic conversation, you’ll review what you know with some new twists, identify new strategies to manage security, and discover new ways to message these ideas to your executives and employees.

Mark S A Smith

Mark S A Smith

Business Growth Strategist, The Bija Company

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Avoiding Digital Disruption: The Future of Cyber Security

Mark S A Smith

Mark S A Smith: Today’s podcast is a little bit different. I recently did a speech for a client, Prime Edge, in Washington, DC, to a group of her clients about security issues, and in listening to the program, I thought you might find some of the conversations and concepts valuable. So sit back, listen, and get educated on how you can keep your company secure.

Thank you, Sue. I appreciate it. Thank you, HP, for sponsoring this. Thank you, Sue, for inviting me to come in from Prime Edge. The world is changing faster than you can even imagine. We have been through, collectively, enormous changes in technology thanks to the ever-increasing advance of Moore’s Law and Metcalf’s Law, and there’s another law I’d like to introduce you to that’s going to help you explain to your team and to your executives why the topics we’re going to talk about tonight are so critical. And that is Martec’s Law.

Who here is familiar with Martec’s Law? Have you run across that before? All right. I’m going to explain it to you very easily. It happens … And you can explain it in four lines. It’s something you can do on a cocktail napkin, which is a really good place to have that conversation with your executives. It’s really simply this: technology advances exponentially thanks to Moore’s Law. Everybody here’s familiar with Moore’s Law? Right, got a quick recap here.

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