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With unemployment declining, all the good people have a job. Hiring the wrong person leaves you with a big mess to clean up and lost profits. How can you avoid making hiring mistakes? James Stark, managing partner at AssessMax shares his insights on how to cut your employee turnover by at least 50 percent.

James Stark

James Stark

Managing Partner, AssessMax

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How to Hire the Right People to Avoid Costly Disruption

James Stark

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is James Stark. He is the managing partner of Assessmax. He works with companies to help them pre-screen, interview, develop and promote talent at every organizational level to maximize success. As we are moving into this golden age where more and more people are employed and we need people to do better work as artificial intelligence comes online and the need for lower cognitive power workers is starting to decline and we need higher cognitive power workers to get the job done, it is becoming really tough to find and hire and develop and keep good people. James has joined us to share with us the insights that he has gained in working with companies to do exactly that. Welcome, James.

James Stark: Thank you very, Mark. I’m very pleased to be here.

Mark S A Smith: What are you seeing from the employers that you work with as far as the challenges they face to find good people today?

James Stark: You know AI is starting to replace a lot of line level people and it’s projected that they’re going to be a lot more replacements in the next 10 to 20 years.

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