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Martec’s Law explains why good companies get disrupted. When there’s too big of a gap between available technology and the technology being used, it forces a business reset and a lot of wreckage along the way. Scott Brinker discusses this and provides specific ideas how to keep from being disrupted by technology.

Scott Brinker

Scott Brinker

VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot | Editor at | Program Chair of MarTech

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The Universally Disruptive Power of Martec’s Law

Scott Brinker

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Scott Brinker, and Scott has had a major impact on my life over the past year or so, when I ran across his Martec’s Law, which we’ll explain in just a minute, changing radically how I start presentations and conversations. And it really frames up why you have to embrace disruption if you’re going to survive in today’s world.

He is the Vice President of Platform Ecosystems at HubSpot, a company I’m sure you’ve heard of. He is the Editor in Chief,, talking about marketing technology, we’ll dig into that, and he’s a program chair of Martec, a conference that helps people do better at marketing technology. Welcome, Scott.

Scott Brinker: Wow. Thank you, Mark. Delighted to be here.

Mark S A Smith: Let’s talk about Martec’s Law, since that’s the key reason why we connected initially. Martec’s Law is that technology changes exponentially, really fast. Yet, organizations change logarithmically, very slowly. And this gap widens over time, eventually requiring a reset of the organization. So, because of this management must strategically choose, which technological changes to embrace, given the highly constrained bandwidth for absorbing organizational changes. That is a massive insight. How’d you come up with that? Where’d that come from?

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