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If you don’t have a plan for cybersecurity, you’ll be disrupted. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Jonathan Goetsch, CEO of cybersecurity company US Protech shares the four things an executive must do to defend against the bad guys that want to take you out.

Jonathan Goetsch

Jonathan Goetsch

CEO at US ProTech

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Surviving Cybersecurity Disruption

Jonathan Goetsch

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Jonathan Goetsch, who is the CEO at USProTech, which is a leading-edge cybersecurity and software development company. I met Jonathan through LinkedIn, one of my favorite ways of finding new and bright people, and we had an extraordinary conversation about the future of cybersecurity, as well as what’s happening right now, and the massively disruptive nature of the attacks going on. If you don’t pay attention to cybersecurity, the probability is really high that your company may not survive. Welcome, Jonathan.

Jonathan Goetsch: Good morning, Mark, how are you?

Mark S A Smith: Glad to have you on the show. I want to start off by talking about something that happened to you very exciting. You met about cybersecurity in the White House. How did that go? What happened? What did you talk about?

Jonathan Goetsch: I met with several White House staff members, as well as a number of national legislatures, senators, and other representatives of our government. The agenda included a number of economic issues that are facing the country. I think some of them were relative to the new tax plan that was coming out.

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