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What’s working in sales is changing and disrupting how companies interact with customers. Gaetano DiNardi shares his insights about the disruptive changes in sales and how to pivot to profit. We discuss why sales can’t be an entry-level position, why it’s about your story, and working on your personal brand.

Gaetano DiNardi

Gaetano DiNardi

VP of Marketing at Sales Hacker

Instagram: Official_Gaetano

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Disruptive Sales Trends

Gaetano DiNardi

Mark S A Smith: Today’s guest on the Selling Disruption Show is Gaetano DiNardi, who is the VP of Marketing of, the company that helps you figure out how to make more sales as fast as humanly possible.

Gaetano and I met on, when he talked about the future trends in sales, I said, “Yep, I got have this guy on the show.” Then I discovered he’s a working musician, background in music, knows how to sell things that are really difficult. And I knew we had to have a conversation.

Welcome, Gaetano.

Gaetano DiNardi: Yo, Mark, thanks for having me.

Mark S A Smith: I’m so glad that you’re on the show.

Tell me about what’s going on in the world of sales with Sales Hacker.

Gaetano DiNardi: I think this is an extremely exciting period for sales and marketing in the B2B space. There’s sort of a renaissance happening with the new technology that’s rolling out. In fact, we did a report this year that there are now over 750 SaaS platforms available in sales technology. And we’re in this automation-crazed era, but it’s removing the personalization aspect and you’re getting less personalized feel and touches in your emails and stuff.

So now it’s like, how do you balance all the automation that’s going on along with getting back to basics. You have all this data. How do you make sense of it? You have all these systems that need to work together in perfect harmony. How do you make that happen? And that’s why you’re seeing the emergence of sales operations as a main department now for most modern and mature sales organizations, so that’s kind of where we’re at right now.

Mark S A Smith: Yeah, you’re exactly right. I see now a movement to chief revenue officer that combines the concept of marketing and sales together, because they do have to be joined at the hip if this is going to work well.

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