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Humor is power. Done right, it is the fastest way to build trust, create a common bond, and turn around a difficult situation. Neuro-humorist, nurse, and Forbes Books author Karyn Buxman shares her research in how humor impacts the brain and affects leaders, employees, and customers. Discover how seeing funny beats being funny and the five humor landmines to avoid to make humor work safely.

Karyn Buxman

Karyn Buxman

Neurohumorist | TEDx speaker

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Disrupting with High Performance Humor

Karyn Buxman

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Karyn Buxman, who is a neurohumorist. What the heck, you might is, is a neurohumorist? It’s somebody who understands high performance humor and the impact on the human brain. She is a research-based humorist about to release her book, published by Forbes, Funny Means Money: Mastering High Performance Humor. She is a National Speakers Association Speaker Hall of Fame, a very rare award in the industry. Welcome, Karyn Buxman.

Karyn Buxman: Thank you, Mark. Oh my gosh, you make me sound so good.

Mark S A Smith: That’s because you are-

Karyn Buxman: Your voice is chocolate.

Mark S A Smith: Thank you. You are so good. And I’ve known Karyn for 25 years. And it’s always been such a delight, every conversation is a massive insight. She helps me be funnier. Let’s talk about high performance humor. Why is that so important when it comes to disrupting relationships?

Karyn Buxman: Humor is such a powerful tool. This is my mantra. Humor is power. Humor is power. Humor is power. And one of the functions of humor is to strengthen relationships and rapport. And done well, it can certainly build those relationships, make them stronger. Done incorrectly, oh my gosh, now you are blowing things up. You are being inappropriate in terms of disruption. And what I love to show high performers is how they can use it appropriately to strengthen those relationships, but avoid the pitfalls. Because if you do it wrong, the relationship may be damaged, or it may be irreparable.

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