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Communities and causes drive new commerce, disrupting the way we do business. David J Lowe shares his insights and ideas based on how he grew an international brand from nothing to running an A-list event at Dodger Stadium with Jimmy Kimmel and Clayton Kershaw, and how he now applies his ideas to bringing co-living spaces to the US. You’ll get lot’s of great ideas from this show.

David J Lowe

David J Lowe

Founder/CEO at Qwerky Coliving

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Communities Disrupt Commerce: How the Co-living Movement is Changing Communities

David Lowe

Mark S A Smith: David Lowe is bringing to America something that’s been happening in Europe for a while, which is community living spaces. I’ll let him describe exactly what that means. But the impact on millennials and boomers and everybody else in between is extraordinary as we start to form communities that create substantial outcomes. The concept of communities coming together is really disruptive to mass marketing. More and more conversations on the Selling Disruption Show are talking about community and the impact of community on traditional businesses and how so many things are changing that we no longer have to buy mass-marketed things. We go to food trucks because it’s not mass produced. You can go and get a custom-made pair of Adidas that nobody else will have one like it. And they’ll crank out half a million of those unique shoes every year. And 3D printing changes everything.

So we have these forces that are causing people to say, “I wanna be a community.” And what Qwerky is doing is allowing people to create that community in a designed way that supports this trend in business and in life. And because of this, we need to adjust how we look at business, how we approach communities and how we move from mass marketing to one-to-one marketing that’s an old idea, but now its time has come.

Welcome, David Lowe.

David Lowe: That was the most beautiful lead-in. Can we just talk about music and playing drums? I’d have loved a little drum roll there from you.

Mark S A Smith: That’s the whole idea is that we enhanced our community through that common love of playing music. How did you decide to get into Qwerky and community living spaces?

David Lowe: A few years ago, when I was in England, I moved to London. And I had a dream to become an entrepreneur. And I tried out a bunch of different professions let’s say. And then tried to get the side hustle going ’cause I’d heard that was the best way to go with a full-time job, stable thing and then go with something risky on the side. And then once that takes off, you go for it.

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