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What you can’t see coming will disrupt you. What your competitors don’t see coming will disrupt them. All organizations have cultures that promote blind spots, which ultimate leads to failure. Innovation comes from eliminating those blind spots. In this idea packed episode, Internal Consulting Group practice leader, Gerry Purcell discusses the five major executive blinds spots to innovation, how to plan for the future, and five ways to deal with rapid change.

Gerry Purcell

Gerry Purcell

Toronto Hub Co-Founder and Global Partner, Internal Consulting Group

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Create Disruption by Eliminating the Five Common Executive Blind Spots

Gerry Purcell

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Gerry Purcell, who is formerly with Boston Consulting and A.T. Kearney, now the Toronto Practice Leader of Internal Consulting Group, a global group of consultants that lead with a 21st century approach to consulting and project management services. ICG complements the capacity and capability of its clients, and seamlessly integrates into existing internal consulting and project teams, to deliver the very best combination of internal and external resources in the most effective and agile way. ICG has offices in Toronto, London, Paris, Munich, Brussels, Stockholm, Sydney, Singapore, Melbourne, Auckland, New York City, Copenhagen, and Zurich. As a full disclosure, I am a member of the Internal Consulting Group, practicing in the area of customer acquisition strategy. I’ve invited Gerry to the show to talk about the blind spots that executives have, so that we can create disruption by eliminating those executive blind spots. Welcome, Gerry.

Gerry Purcell: Thanks for the invitation.

Mark S A Smith: You’ve been working with executives for a very long time in a lot of different areas of consulting, to help eliminate those blind spots. All organizations have cultures that promote blind spots, which ultimately leads to failure. All innovation comes from eliminating those blind spots. Our conversation, in the past, led me to that conclusion. What do you see are the big blind spots of executives?

Gerry Purcell: It isn’t about ideas. It’s about execution. The execution typically falls into five categories. One is around the labor and the individuals that you have within your domain. Second is the information that you have about your markets, and the research, and the background materials that you collect. The third is how you go about things, the methodologies and approaches. The fourth is the level of professional development and learning, that is part of the culture of your organization. The fifth is the infrastructure around how you operate, where you get your information from, how you do that, a lot of the other sort of less exciting things, but equally as important, in terms of how you accomplish your goals.

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