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When you put your data in the cloud, hoping for the best isn’t a good strategy. You add a new level of risk to your business. Technology attorney, Mark D Grossman discusses cloud contracts and what businesses large and small must consider to prevent disruption. You’ll also learn about contract negotiations and important business legal concepts.

Mark D Grossman

Mark D Grossman

Social Media & Tech Lawyer | Professional Speaker & Negotiator

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Cloud Computing Contracts

Mark Grossman

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Mark Grossman, who I met over a decade ago, when we shared the platform at an industry event for the world of technology. I was talking about the future of cloud, he was talking about the future of what happens to your data if you put it in the cloud and then they go out of business, and I was hooked on his insights on how to protect your critical information. Mark authored Technology Law: What Every Business and Business-Minded Person Needs to Know, now in its second edition, he has written hundreds of columns for PC World magazine and other publications. The best lawyers in America named Mark lawyer of the year for technology law in New York City for 2016, he’s appeared on the best lawyers in America list since 2003, he’s an expert on technology, outsourcing, and negotiation, welcome Mark to the Selling Disruption Show.

Mark Grossman: Thank you, nice to be here.

Mark S A Smith: I’m so delighted to have you here, Mark, and the reason why is because recently, Information Age published an article that predicts that 40% of the Fortune 500 aren’t going to make it in the next decade because of the digital disruption, do you think that’s a true figure, or do you think they’re wrong, what do you think?

Mark Grossman: I have to say hard to predict, because it really comes down to the issue of how each individual company of those Fortune 500 deal with that disruption, and I think that’s very difficult to predict, in the sense that that goes to the individual leadership of the company and its ability to adapt. Disruption in the biggest sense is not new, companies have been disrupted longer than cars eliminated horse and buggies.

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