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When you have five star reviews and your competition doesn’t, you win. Tony Bodoh, a master at helping companies engineer five star reviews, discusses why they are so important to your business success, and what you and your team must do to earn them. In this powerful discussion, you’ll get a whole new appreciation for reviews, what they mean, how to interpret them, and how to get them.

Tony Bodoh

Tony Bodoh

Author of 'The Complete Experience' & 'Leverage', Creator of Admiration Equation™

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Disrupt Your Competition by Engineering Five Star Reviews

Tony Bodoh

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Tony Bodoh, one of the most interesting people that I have met in recent times. We’ve had three very long conversations, and each has been extraordinary, changing my view of how we need to disrupt the world, why? Because Tony helps companies, large and small, engineer five star customer reviews. Today, we are a review-driven society, Tony is the master of creating reviews that create profitable businesses. Welcome, Tony.

Tony Bodoh: Thank you very much, Mark, it’s great to be here. I have really enjoyed our conversations, because you have pulled me forward in so many ways, and I can’t wait to see what comes out on this show.

Mark S A Smith: Yeah, I can’t wait either, I mean every conversation has been amazing. Now, Tony has written a couple of books, you’ve written The Complete Experience and Leverage, you’ve been working with massive hotel properties and insurance agencies to help them claim massive market shares. You do this by looking at the data.

Tony Bodoh: Novel idea, right?

Mark S A Smith: Yeah really, let’s see what’s going on, and you have taken the information from lots and lots of reviews and teased out what’s really going on in the customers’ mind.

Tony Bodoh: It’s fascinating, because it’s not just looking at the reviews that matters, it’s this bridge between the qualitative nature of the review and the experience they’re having, when we combine that with the actual sales data for those same people. We talk about big data a lot in this world today, and it’s on the tip of every executive’s tongue, but the reality is, how do you actually bring together quantitative data like sales data, behavioral data, and qualitative data, which is the experience data? Then how do you show that giving someone this experience actually generates these dollars? That’s what I would say we specialize in doing, that, and understanding what is the driver of higher sales, either in the moment or in the lifetime of the customer.

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