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If you’re going to disrupt, you can’t use antiquated methods to motivate and manage your team. The biggest offender: the annual review process. More people leave a company after their annual review than at any other time. Noah L Pusey of the Ripple Crew discusses a better method that brings massive benefits to you and your team. If you manage a team, this is a must-listen episode. And learn why a free software trial is a counterproductive marketing idea.

Noah Pusey

Noah Pusey

Chief Executive Officer at Ripple Analytics Inc.

Phone: 646-643-7786

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Workplace Disruption: Ditching the Dreaded Annual Review

Noah Pusey

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Noah Pusey, who is the CEO at Ripple Analytics, which does … We’re going to get into that in just a moment. An attorney for more than a decade, Noah left the law practice due to illness. He got sick of it. Now he helps companies eliminate toxic environments and works with managers to help their team be their best with new performance analytic tools, which means Noah helps companies become intentional disruptors in their market. Welcome, Noah, to the Selling Disruption Show.

Noah Pusey: Thanks, Mark. Great to be here. Thanks for having me on.

Mark S A Smith: Yes, sir. You and I met through LinkedIn, which is where I’m finding so many cool people these days. I really appreciate the conversations that we’ve had so far, and the really cool people you’ve introduced me to as well, so thank you. You’ve earned a spot in my heart, and now a spot on the show. Tell me about what you’re doing with Ripple Analytics, and how it is disrupting the world of employee motivation.

Noah Pusey: Essentially, what we set out to accomplish when we founded Ripple was to make people’s lives better, and we tried to identify issues in the workplace that took away from that goal, and our research quickly brought us to one core process that exists in most organizations, the dreaded, despised annual review.

Mark S A Smith: Oh, yeah. Everybody right now is groaning and rolling their eyes. The annual review, which means we’re either screwed or not getting a raise, or we’re going to feel bad about what we’ve done. Have you ever noticed that annual reviews always have a negative outcome?

Noah Pusey: Yeah. To understand why it’s no longer relevant, the annual review came to be after World War II, largely in reaction to the discipline that existed in the military back in World War I and II. Most families were impacted either by brothers, fathers, sons going away to war, or a friend or close family member. That translated to corporate America, and ever since, these organizations have thought that a one-time discussion in a 12-month period was somehow productive. It may or may not have been productive from its inception. It certainly is not productive now. What we did when we started to identify problems in the workplace is really hone in on this antiquated process. We tied our solution to the psychology of coworkers interacting with each other, and that’s what Ripple is all about. We’re disrupting the way that organizations have traditionally viewed and assessed their employees with a scientific approach that is rooted in technology. I’ve spoken with over 450 companies over the last few years. Only a small handful, 12, have told me that they’re perfectly fine with their annual review process. The market is huge, and the ability to disrupt is just as huge.

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