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How you sell to a disrupting executive is very different from selling to the average executive. In this thought-provoking and inspiring conversation with Mark DiMassimo, chief of DiMassimo Goldstein, a leading New York agency representing clients like The Bronx Zoo/Wildlife Conservation Society, Jackson Hewitt, TradeStation, Online Trading Academy, National Jewish Health, Recovery Centers of America, and Sallie Mae, you’ll learn about what creates a mindset that keeps on disrupting.

Mark DiMassimo

Mark DiMassimo

Inspiring Action Hero | Chief at DiMassimo Goldstein

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Inspiring Disruptive Action: The New View on Media and Marketing

Mark DiMassimo

Mark S A Smith: My guest today on the Selling Disruption Show is Mark DiMassimo, who is the head of DIGO brands in New York City. He is an extraordinary creator, an extraordinary thinker. You’ve seen him on TV. You’ve seen him on “The Pitch.” You’ve seen his advertising work, his teams work everywhere because he works with name brands such as Reader’s Digest, Weight Watchers, and many, many other brands. Welcome, Mark.

Mark DiMassimo: Hey, Mark. Great to talk to you again. Let’s inspire some action together. You’re my brother an inspiring action. I’m just looking forward to having this conversation. Let’s do it.

Mark S A Smith: Thinking back to the first time we met, which was in a United flight somewhere from New York out to Denver. We were sharing first-class seats and we introduced each other, and then, you realized you had one of my books on your bookshelf.

Mark DiMassimo: That is right.

Mark S A Smith: Then, you had pulled out your laptop to get some work done, and then, you said I can do this later but I’m not going to have a chance to talk to you for a while. I was really impressed by that move of yours because I’m always interested in talking to people. It’s where I get all my stuff. My inspiration comes from talking to smart people like you. I like having me not be the smartest person in the conversation. It’s always great and always inspiring.

Thank you for that respect that you showed me in that moment on that airplane, and of course, we’ve had lots and lots of conversations through the years, helping each other stay inspired. Thank you so much for being here. Let’s talk about what’s going on in the world of marketing. You do disruptive and innovative things with your clients. You’ve seen a lot of shifts in the world of marketing through the years. What are you observing now?

Mark DiMassimo: Agencies, marketers, we are living in a world of disruption. What happens when disruption is happening on multiple planes? There’s technology, market categories, media channels, media platforms, finance, everything is changing. What tends to happen is people can’t tell the signal from the noise.

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