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Stop hustling gigs and start building a disruptive business. You can’t disrupt if you’re just chasing down the next customer. Money maven and author, Joel Block shares insights from his three decades of business on how to build a revenue octopus to take all the money possible off the table and still have a happy customer.
Joel Block

Joel Block

CEO at Bullseye Capital

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You Can’t Disrupt Hustling Gigs: Build a Disruptive Business

Joel Block

Mark S A Smith: Our guest today is a repeat. He was so popular I’m bringing him back to talk about more. The Money is in the Money, Joel Block CEO at Bullseye Capital. He just released his Stop Hustling Gigs and Start Building a Business. He is a hedge fund investor, lots of experience in venture capital. Joel know business, welcome back Joel Block.

Joel Block: Hey Mark, thanks man. Nice to hang with you.

Mark S A Smith: You bet, you too my friend. You are definitely my guru when it comes to creating wealth and money. Let’s talk about your new book, Stop Hustling Gigs and Start Building a Business. Tell me about … why do people hustle gigs? What’s the thing that drives people to do that?

Joel Block: They don’t do it on purpose. It’s not like people sit down and write a business plan and say I’m gonna hustle a bunch of gigs that’s … it’s just sort of what happens. They get one deal and then they scramble around and they get another deal and they’re proud of themself and they scramble around and get another deal but they don’t have a strategy in advanced that ties all these things together.

Mark S A Smith: I think you’re absolutely right. Most entrepreneurs start off with somebody saying, “Hey, can you” for example, “fix a computer for me?” Well sure, I’ll be glad to and then they move to the next step. “Well what do you charge,” and then they say the largest number they can without stammering and that’s how they get into business.

Joel Block: So here’s what happens so somebody says, “Can you fix a computer for me?” Yeah I can. They fix the computer they get a few dollars, whatever the number is and then they say to themself, “Wow, that was pretty good. I wonder if I can go find somebody else” so they hustle the next person-

Mark S A Smith: That’s it.

Joel Block: … to go and give them the thing. Here’s the thing, it’s not done subject to a plan, there’s no big picture. Because of that reason, they end up leaving a lot of money on the table.

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