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All disruption starts with creativity. In this conversation will million-book selling author, Gregory Godek, we talk about how he disrupted the publishing market and how to use his creative techniques to disrupt your market.
Gregory Godek

Gregory Godek

Author, High Performance Creativity

Phone: +1.619.665.7177

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Take three minutes, read Gregory’s LinkedIn profile, and call him if you want to talk about becoming mildly brilliant, or you want to kick around some creative approaches to some problem that’s bugging you — otherwise known as a half hour of free consulting/brainstorming. Gregory Godek  •  619-665-7177

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Creative Disruption: Maximizing Your Team’s Creativity to Disrupt

Gregory Godek

Mark S A Smith: Today, on the Selling Disruption Show, is Gregory Godet, who I met decades ago, at a National Speakers Association convention. Where, I was completely impressed he was the author of “1001 to be Romantic”. And of course that was really capped, when Jay Leno, used that as one of his opening jokes when he said, “If a thousand ways don’t work, do you thing that last one is?” Making Greg absolutely infamous in my world.

Greg is a bona fide best-selling author. A lot of people today claim to be best-selling authors because they sell 300 units in one day on Amazon. Greg has sold over a million copies of his books. He is a creative genius. The reason why I invited him too. The Selling Disruptions Shows his ability to create his legendary, extraordinary, and now teachable. Welcome Greg to the Selling Disruption Show. I can’t wait for you to share your disruptive, creativity with my people.

Gregory Godek: It does go back a long way doesn’t it?

Mark S A Smith: It does. We’ve been doing this for a long time.

Gregory Godek: Is that when I had the RV?

Mark S A Smith: You were just doing the RV. Bona fide book tour in an RV.

Gregory Godek: We’ll talk about this a little bit later. The two year cross country book tour, aboard a custom 36 foot RV. Here’s my main piece of advice to people. Don’t do it! It was great for branding. It was horrible for finances.

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