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When introducing a disruptive product to the market, what’s the fastest way to get it moving? In this wide-ranging conversation about selling B2B and B2C products, Doug Garnett, founder of Atomic Advertising, discusses his experiences selling disruptive products ranging from supercomputers to screwdrivers and cooling cloths. Get ready for insights on how you can sell more of your products.

Doug Garnett

Doug Garnett

Atomic Direct, Founder & CEO

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How to Advertise Disruptive Products: The Difference Between Selling Innovative and Traditional Products

Doug Garnett

Mark S A Smith: Our guest today is a bit of a surprise to me. Doug Garnett, I met via Twitter, when he challenged some of my sacred cow positions. We got into a conversation about the important things and I said, “This guy is a thinker. I like how he approaches this. We need more conversations.” So, we set up a time for us to talk, and what you’re going to listen to is actually an edited version of our telephone conversation, that was so stinking good that I decided I needed to share it with you, listener.

Doug is the CEO and founder of Atomic Direct, who helps companies bring their products to the consumer market. As you listen, you’ll hear his background, his story, how he went from being a math major to a mass marketing guru. Welcome, Doug, to the show.

Doug Garnett: Thanks. Glad to be here. Thanks for the opportunity.

Mark S A Smith: Thank you for taking this conversation from just a simple, “Hey, Mark, how’s it going?” Phone call to something that really was spectacular. Listener, get ready for some interesting things.

Doug Garnett: Good morning, Mark.

Mark S A Smith: Hey, Doug, it’s a delight to connect in person.

Doug Garnett: To connect beyond the Twitter sphere, huh?

Mark S A Smith: No kidding. I really appreciate the dialogue we’ve had so far. I’m delighted by the fact that you challenge me, thank you.

Doug Garnett: Important issues deserve to be talked about.

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