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The biggest business risk is execution failure, having the wrong people in the wrong place, preventing success. With the most downloaded episode, Chris Stark is back with more precise insights on deploying disruption. This time we talk about how to select the right people and put them in the right roles to guarantee execution excellence.

Chris Stark

Chris Stark

Practice Leader at Internal Consulting Group

Phone: 919-345-2008


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Chris appears on the most downloaded show. Listen now.

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Eliminating Execution Risk: Selecting the Right People for the Right Job to Deploy Disruption

Chris Stark

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is a repeat. Chris Stark has the most downloads of all time of the Selling Disruption Show, so I have brought him back for even more conversations on how to run a disruptive company, how to deploy disruption. Chris is the practice leader of Strategic Managerial Leadership at the Internal Consulting Group, which is a 21st century consulting company, one of the fastest growing consulting companies in the world. He has deep experience in running organizations that are highly disruptive and helping them grow extremely rapidly. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the management characteristics and management tools that you can use, because if you’re going to run an intentionally disruptive company, you must select the right management team with the right competencies and skills, and the ability to learn how to disrupt. Welcome, Chris Stark.

Chris Stark: Glad to be back.

Mark S A Smith: Chris, your last show really rattled a lot of chains and got people thinking. On this show, let’s talk about how you select the right people.

Chris Stark: First of all, we’ll talk about people’s temperament and how you can match that to a job. Second of all, we’ll talk about mindset and how the more common that is overall, then the tighter your ship runs, the tighter your culture will be. Then, finally, it’s this uber instrument … The others is to support, but can never replace … called the ASSESS battery where you get into very precise understanding, very precise scales about thinking style, working style, and relating style, and this is must have information.

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