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When selling to your local market, you must use new, disruptive ways to grab customers. Erik Stafford, Stafford Marketing shares his insights in creating remarkable, disruptive marketing for clients selling to their local market. Discover how you can take out your competition by being ethical, powerful, and clear in your messaging.

Erik Stafford

Erik Stafford

Stafford Marketing | Serving entrepreneurs and business owners

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Disruptive Local Marketing: Attracting the Right Customers, Fast

Erik Stafford

Mark S A Smith: Today’s guest is Erik Stafford. He comes from advertising and design background. He’s won numerous awards through the years including several AAF-ADDY awards and ARDA Awards. Erik has worked with a wide range of companies around the globe and has released several award-winning digital training products. He’s on the show today to talk about how to disrupt your competition by being ethical, powerful and most importantly clear on your message. You do that and you own your market. Welcome Erik.

Erik Stafford: Thanks, Mark. How are you?

Mark S A Smith: I’m doing fantastic, man. Good to have you on the show. So how do you create a message that’s ethical, grabs your audience and make sure competitors go, “What just happened?”?

Erik Stafford: There’s a couple of ways. I think the first step, Mark is to start with a clear understanding of what it is that you are really actually selling. There’s lots of companies running around selling pool screens, HVAC systems. Clothes is a great example. If you look at a clothing store, are they selling clothes or are they selling confidence?

Mark S A Smith: Or are they reselling bragging rights?

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