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Surviving disruption prepares you to disrupt. Nick Ruiz began investing in real estate when he was 18, made millions, and went bankrupt in 2008. He rebuilt his company and now shares how you can be a resilient business person. Learn the attitudes and tools to survive disruption and serve up disruption.

Nick Ruiz

Nick Ruiz

Real Estate Investor | Entrepreneur | Real Estate Investing Coach | Entrepreneurship & Success Coach

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The Disruptive Mindset: Adjust Your Vision for Disruption

Nick Ruiz

Mark S A Smith: Today’s guest, Nick Ruiz, is a disruptor and a survivor of disruption. The “Selling Disruption Show” is all about serving up and surviving disruption, which is why I invited him to be on the show.

He first invested in real estate in 1999 when he just 18 years old. Then he developed creative ways to finance and do deals because he didn’t have any money for down payments or repairs. Then 2008 came along; the big housing collapse and the economic crisis crushed him and eventually forced him into bankruptcy. I got close, but didn’t get there myself.

After being completely down and out, he applied the psychological strategies and wisdom he had gained from his years of business experience, bounced back. Now he shares his experiences and methods with other business owners.

Nick is a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, he’s the author of the book “Flip: An Unconventional Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Entrepreneur and Building Your Dream Lifestyle.” And Nick’s second published book, “Success From Scratch: Mental Strategies for Success in a Survival of the Fittest Environment” is released July 18th, the week this show posts.

Welcome, Nick.

Nick Ruiz: Mark. Beautiful intro. Thank you, man. It’s a super pleasure to be here. I can’t wait to talk to you and your audience. Thank you. Seriously, killer intro, man.

Mark S A Smith: You’re welcome, my friend. It’s a delight to have this conversation. “Success From Scratch” has some interesting ideas which really grabbed my attention because you talk about how the tactics of becoming a successful entrepreneur, and you also share ideas on how to bounce back from financial setbacks.

Nick Ruiz: For sure.

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