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What if you could build a company that would run itself while you’re on vacation? EastBanc Software Chairman, Wolf Ruzicka reveals how he heads a fast paced, disruptive, 200 person company with only five managers, and he can leave for six weeks without checking his email or taking a phone call. He also offers his positive vision of a future with artificial intelligence and solid insights on getting things done.

Wolf Ruzicka

Wolf Ruzicka

Chairman of the Board at EastBanc Technologies

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Disruptive Organizations: Build a Business that Runs Without You

Wolf Ruzicka

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Wolf Ruzicka. He’s the chairman of the board at EastBanc Technologies, which does programming in all languages and all frameworks, everything for the top Fortune 100 companies that you know and love. He has 200 software engineers and software architects, but get this, only five managers to run this entire organization and Wolf takes off four to six weeks a year and doesn’t check his email for that entire time. What we’re going to talk with Wolf about is how the heck can you build this amazing self-rearranging, self-orchestrating, disruptive organization and leave it alone. Wolf, welcome to the show.

Wolf Ruzicka: Thank you, Mark, for having me. It’s fun to talk about the biggest hobby besides my children and my wife.

Mark S A Smith: Your biggest hobby. A 200-person show and you call it a hobby. I love it, Wolf. But first, give my listener a quick overview of the kind of things that your organization does and let’s dig into how you generate it, how you decide, how you architect this extraordinary way of running a company.

Wolf Ruzicka: Well, thank you for putting it that way. I would wager a bet that every one of your listeners and you included have already used our software without even knowing it and that’s part of the trick, that there is no ego in this company. We always want to make sure that the ones that we’ve developed the software for are the ones that you recognize and you will never know that EastBanc Technologies and the back of it is the skunkworks that got it done. Some examples there would be Nasdaq. If you go to Nasdaq’s website to trade some stocks, to get some real-time information, you’re actually looking at our software and you’re hopefully enjoying the benefits of what we’ve built and architected for them.

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