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Virtual reality and augmented reality are about to go mainstream, disrupting entertainment and business alike. VR expert, Joel Comm shares insights and ideas to capitalize on VR and lays out what to expect over the next 18 months in this enlightening and entertaining show.

Joel Comm

Joel Comm

Author, Speaker, Consultant

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Virtual Reality Disruption and How to Capitalize On It

Joel Comm

Mark S A Smith: My guest today is Joel Comm who’s been in the internet space since 1995, causing disruption, innovation, and just overall goodness in the world of online commerce. He’s an author. He has written 15 books of which several have been a New York Times best-seller. That’s the real best-seller my friends, not somebody who had a bunch of friends, bought a book on Amazon for one day. He’s been on TV such as Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and many, many other places. His work has showed up in Forbes Entrepreneur, the Social Media Examiner. He’s a keynote speaker. I saw him just a couple weeks ago doing a fantastic keynote at the Guerrilla Marketing Conference World Summit. He was just inducted into the Guerrilla Marketing Hall of Fame.

He’s an entrepreneur with one of the first websites on the planet, today to talk about augmented reality and the virtual reality. Welcome, Joel Comm.

Joel Comm: Hey, Mark. I’m actually virtual myself.

Mark S A Smith: In bits and pieces digitized across the planet.

Joel Comm: I own an Oculus Rift, which is one of the consumer grade virtual reality headsets that are now available for anybody to buy. I have a really high-powered PC that I have mine attached to. I just received a PlayStation Fender Stratocaster guitar that you use for rock band. They now released for the Oculus Rock Band VR. When we’re done today, I’m going to unbox that puppy and go live on Facebook demonstrating, because I’ll capture my screen and it puts you in the rock band experience. Now, you’re not just watching it on the screen, but I should be able to see myself on stage with an audience and the other band members. I can’t wait to see what this is like.

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