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Understanding how finance works and turning it to your advantage creates disruption. Venture capitalist, syndicate fund developer, and Bullseye Capital CEO, Joel Block shares his insights on successful business, innovative fundraising, and money.

Joel Block

Joel Block

CEO at Bullseye Capital

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Money Disruption: Insights from a Hedge Fund Manager and Venture Capitalist

Joel Block

Mark S A Smith: Our guest today is Joel Block. I met Joel about a year ago as I joined him for his symposium on syndication and crowdfunding, and he blew my mind. I spent three days with him, and I had a serious upgrade in my understanding of how financing works. As Joel taught me, the money is in the money. So welcome, Joel, to The Selling Disruption Show. I can’t wait to share this podcast with my friends.

Joel Block: Hey, Mark, thanks. Happy to share.

Mark S A Smith: You’re doing the summit again. You’ve got a new book that you released on building business. You’ve got, always, lots of things going on in the pipeline. What do you want to talk about today that makes sense to The Selling Disruption crowd?

Joel Block: Everything is about selling. My symposium, which is really to help people who are pretty sophisticated financial and real estate people organize pools of capital. The hard part isn’t the real estate. The important part isn’t even the real estate. What I always tell them is the most important part is the money. Now, a lot of people will disagree with that, and they’ll say, “Listen, if you’ve got a great deal, the money will show up.” Not true. The money doesn’t just show up. You can have an awesome deal, and it can die on the vine. Raising money is a selling business, and you have to really get out in front of your audience and really have a great understanding. Different products require different sales approaches, and that’s it.

Mark S A Smith: You taught me early in the session that money is made when the deal is bought, not when the deal is sold.

Joel Block: Always.

Mark S A Smith: That was a massive eye-opener for me.

Joel Block: You’ve got to understand that that’s the way that professional investors think. Retail investors, which are everybody else, doesn’t think about it that way. They don’t think about how money gets made. They do things, and then they hope it works out. Professional investors don’t hope, they don’t gamble, they don’t speculate. They bet on sure things, as much as is possible. They have a lot of information. They know pretty much exactly what’s going to happen and how much money they’re going to make within a very narrow margin before they ever move forward. That’s really the big difference. That’s why professional investors generally make more money in five days than most other people make in five years.

Mark S A Smith: Yeah, wow. Share with me a little bit of your insights on how you do professional investing.

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