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If you’re going to disrupt your market, you must have the infrastructure to scale rapidly because if you can’t deliver, you can’t disrupt. Learn how to to deploy disruption from Chris Stark, Practice Leader of Strategic Managerial Leadership at the Internal Consulting Group. You’ll learn how lean hierarchy determines the winner in a competitive market and why cognitive capacity determines who should be where in an organization.

The source of the conversation about the CXO role is based on work of Chris’ colleagues, Gary Tomlinson and Miles Kierson from their book Discovering Execution.

Chris Stark

Chris Stark

Founder at Stark Business Advantage

Phone: 919-345-2008


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Deploying Disruption: Building a Lean Hierarchy Organization

Chris Stark

Mark S A Smith: In the context of selling disruption, you must have the infrastructure to scale rapidly, because if you can’t deliver, you can’t disrupt.

I met today’s guest, Chris Stark, when he reached out to me through LinkedIn. He said, “You seem like an interesting guy. Let’s have a conversation and see what happens.” Since that time, we’ve talked routinely, as frequently as every week, and I’ve grown to appreciate his directness, his intelligence, and his processes that deploy extraordinary disruption.

You want an example? As COO of Red Robin restaurants, Chris developed and drove the system that grew them from 61 to 126 restaurants in just two years. That’s almost three new restaurants every month. He drove sales to over $275 million per year while maintaining solid system-wide operating profit, and a decade later almost every one of those stores are still operating profitably.

Chris, you are now the Practice Leader of the Strategic Managerial Leadership at Internal Consulting Group, a 21st century consulting company. It’s the fastest-growing consulting company in the world because of how it operates. Chris, welcome to the Selling Disruption Show. I’m so glad you’re here.

Chris Stark: Thank you very much, Mark, and hello podcast listeners.

Mark S A Smith: Most companies struggle to grow by single digits, yet you have driven your clients’ businesses to grow consistently in the 25%-plus range for years in a row. What’s the secret to that massive disruptive corporate growth, Chris?

Chris Stark: I espouse to a three-sided formula for making this stuff happen, and it’s under the headers of people, process, and technology.

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