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How can you develop high-performance sales teams that disrupt the market for complex, high-consideration, disruptive products? Dr. Janice Presser discusses how to create living teams that can do just that and why a successful teaming strategy must be based on the leadership style of the team leader.

Teamwork expert, Dr. Janice Presser, CEO of The Gabriel Institute, is a behavioral scientist and the architect of Teamability® – a completely new technology that measures how people will perform in teams. Dr. Presser has been engaged in the research and development of talent science and team analytics for over 25 years. She is the author of seven books, including the forthcoming, Timing Isn’t Everything. Teaming Is.

Dr. Janice Presser

Dr. Janice Presser

CEO, The Gabriel Institute

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How to Build High-Coherence Sales Teams That Disrupt Your Competition

Dr. Janice Presser

Mark S A Smith: Dr. Janice Presser, CEO of the Gabriel Institute, was somebody I met via my favorite way to meet new people I don’t yet know, through LinkedIn. She’s a behavioral scientist and the architect of Teamability. I saw her TEDx talk and was blown away about her insights on how to use science to pick the right people to be on your team, and I’ve just got to share this with my tribe.

Welcome, Dr. Janice.

Dr. Janice Presser: Hey, great to be here. Hi, Tribe. You’re my tribe, too.

Mark S A Smith: Absolutely true. Smart people are always part of my tribe. Your new book “Timing Isn’t Everything. Teaming Is” just dropped. Congratulations.

Dr. Janice Presser: Thank you.

Mark S A Smith: That’s a really big. That’s number seven for you, and so you’ve got lots of really interesting things going on. Let’s talk about Teamability. How did you figure out that we needed to be scientific about approaching how we put together teams?

Dr. Janice Presser: For a very long time, since I started thinking about how do you actually measure what’s going on between people because that’s what teaming is, I was kind of frustrated because what did we have then? We had personality traits, we had intelligence scales, we had all these things that you could measure but essentially what you were doing was asking somebody about something that was inside them, not what goes on between people. Well, I wasn’t a academic type, I was a business person. I actually was president of a sheet metal manufacturing company back in my young days.

But, it doesn’t matter, you know, customer service, manufacturing, engineering, sales. Everything works better when you’ve got positive team chemistry.

Mark S A Smith: That’s right.

Dr. Janice Presser: I was truly blessed in the mid 80’s and met another scientist like me, who was also looking at the question of how do you measure teamwork, and it was almost, like, I had the chocolate, he had the peanut butter, and we, you know that happens. We just teamed up. It was very logical. We realized that we were thinking of teaming completely differently. The normal way is just like what we did. We network and we love LinkedIn because we get that quick background, and we know where can we make magic happen? Maybe you call it synergy but it’s basically scientific magic.

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