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Disrupt Sales with Marketing Automation that Feels Human

Jan 30, 2017

Disrupt the normal sales process with human-like marketing automation. Discover how to create an email sequence to get people to take action on their request, and why it’s critical to consider the timing of your follow up emails. You learn why this sequence accelerates prospects to do business with you when compared with typical approaches to email contact.

What do you get when you combine an engineering nerd with passion for marketing automation with a pinch of heavy metal? You get, Paul Sokol!

Paul has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida but don’t let the scare you. He really understands the psychology of selling disruption. Paul worked for Infusionsoft directly as a Success Coach. He helped hundreds of businesses get up and running and then became Product Manager of Campaign Content and built out all the free marketplace campaigns.

Paul Sokol

Paul Sokol

Automated Experience Authority

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Disrupt Sales with Marketing Automation that Feels Human

Paul Sokol

Mark S A Smith: What do you get when you combine an engineering nerd with a passion for marketing automation, and then add a pinch of heavy metal? You get my friend Paul Sokol. That’s right. He is an engineering nerd just like me, looking at the world in a way of processes, which is required for consistent and persistent disruption of selling. Paul is a geek of the highest cognitive capacity in that he knows how to take that geekdom and turn it into money. Paul wrote the “Infusionsoft Cookbook.” If you go on and check it out, you’ll see that it’s the most expensive book about Infusionsoft, and the thickest book about Infusionsoft, and it’s the one that can show you how to make money with Infusionsoft. Welcome, Paul.

Paul Sokol: Good morning, Mark. How are you? Thanks for making me blush before I even say anything.

Mark S A Smith: Just a little bit of disruption in the introduction. So how are you using marketing automation to disrupt your customer sales?

Paul Sokol: One of my favorite ways is behavior-based marketing.

Mark S A Smith: Tell us all about it.

Paul Sokol: I don’t know if that’s a specific term. These days Frank Kern calls it dynamic response marketing. It’s just basically the idea of intentionally designing a customer experience for key milestones and paying attention to that. For example, early in the customer journey you’re trying to acquire leads, offering a lead magnet. You’re familiar with the idea of a lead magnet.

Mark S A Smith: Absolutely.

Paul Sokol: You give away something for free and then you can provide some value, all that jazz. Well, usually it’s a very linear, non-sexy thing. It’s like going on a date with someone that doesn’t actually listen to what you’re saying. In most cases you’ll, “Here’s my name and email,” they send you an email, “Hey, here’s the e-book,” or whatever you requested, and then they just start pounding you with other messages, without even considering if you’ve even downloaded what you requested. As far as disruption, I take a more intelligent approach to it and follow up with people until they download what they request.

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