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How to Sell Way More with Your Written Words

Jan 8, 2017

Your written word must be persuasive and disruptive if you want your emails, memos, letters, proposals, web copy, and presentations to win the deal. In this Selling Disruption Show, you’ll learn how to make your writing connect and be compelling.

Our show guest, David Garfinkel who helps individuals and groups make their advertising more effective. He’s helped copywriters and businesses in more than 100 industries increase profits. His book Breakthrough Copywriting is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. Way back in 2004, he created and published the first widely used set of Copywriting Templates.

Since 1993, sales letters he’s written have brought in as much as $40 million to one business. These days, he doesn’t write that often for clients, though. His main client work is coaching professional copywriters, business owners, and in-house copywriters for organizations. Many of his professional copywriter clients have reached the top of their respective fields and businesses he’s worked with have added millions of dollars to their bottom lines.

David Garfinkel’s Overview of the Show

SELLING DISRUPTION — Gotta share this with you. My co-mentor* Mark SA Smith interviewed me last week for his Selling Disruption Show.

I thought I knew what disruption was until our conversation. Mark understands it inside-out. And every copywriter and business owner planning to do business in 2017 and beyond ought to hear his worldview on this. It’s IMPORTANT.

I also found out, for the first time, really, that I’m a disrupter. Oh yeah, I’ve always known that I take the road less traveled… that I shake things up… that I am “pas comme les autres” (not like the others) in many obvious ways.

But Mark’s bullseye questions forced me to openly admit that as a coach and a copywriting educator, I’ve been a disruptor (in Mark’s definition) for a long, long time.

But enough about me.

On this show, Mark forced me to reveal, step-by-step, my exact method for creating a USP for a business. Well, my go-to method, anyway. It’s yours, free for the taking. (Download on his show notes page.)

And we walk through my 11-step process for critiquing copy in our conversation.

If you’ve ever considered working with me, take a listen.

And if you’ve resolutely decided to NEVER work with me, take a listen, too. There’s enough do-it-yourself stuff on there to keep you busy for MONTHS.


*Oh, that “co-mentor” thing? It’s Mark’s invention. I’ve never heard it before or since he mentioned it to me more than 20 years ago. A pretty cool idea… it has worked out well.

David Garfinkel

David Garfinkel

Best-Selling Author | Copywriting Coach | Direct Marketing Strategist

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Sell Way More with Your Written Words

Mark: David Garfinkel I met for the very first time over 20 years ago. It was in the early 90’s when I bumped into him when his, at that time, housemate invited me to come by and said, “You’ve got to meet this guy.” David, after a conversation, said, “Will you mentor me?,” and I said, “No, but we can have a co-mentorship.” He said, “What is that?” I said, “You share your brain, I share my brain, we make money together,” and he agreed, and here we are. I tell you, David has taught me how to sell with the spoken word. He is the very best copywriter guru on the planet and I know because I saw him go from the, “I’m going to be the best,” to he is the best. I’m absolutely honored to have my old dear friend David Garfinkel on the Selling Disruption Show. Welcome David.

David: Thanks Mark, it’s great to be here.

Mark: That it is.

David: Yeah.

Mark: Thank you. You are the master of making people have a conversation in their head through the written word where they read your copy, and there’s actually a conversation going on inside of their head to help accelerate them from don’t know you, to want to do business with you. That my friends is extremely disruptive. How did you start that? How did you get into that business?

David: I got into copywriting because, frankly, honestly, out of desperation. Everything else I was doing wasn’t working. I had some products, I came from a journalism background, I couldn’t sell very well as a journalist. I do PR or whatever, I had minimal sales skills. When I learned about copywriting, my hair got on fire, I was very excited about it.

Worked at it, it wasn’t easy. In fact it was very frustrating. I was pretty unhappy with the education, the mentoring, the training that was available, but I didn’t care. I just worked through it, worked around it, figured out my own stuff and got good at it, then got really good at it.

Mark: Well that’s what disruptors do. They don’t worry about the how, they just set the destination and the how shows up and you did that.

David: True.

Mark: Along the way, you’ve done a lot of innovation in the world of copywriting. In fact, you are now a copywriting mentor to some of the very best copywriters on the planet.

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